Trustees hear about boundaries, Dollar General
August 9, 2017


SHERMAN - Sherman Village Board of Trustees learned at their regular meeting Wednesday, Aug 2, that the village boundaries are slightly incorrect.

After a resident of Sherman made a query about the village boundaries, the Chautauqua County Clerk's office conducted an investigation and learned the village was actually slightly smaller than it was thought to be, said Village Clerk Jeannette Ramm. The boundary also needs to be shifted slightly to the east, she said.

Ramm said the change will be reflected on the next period.

Construction has begun on a Dollar General store located on the corner of Osborne and Morris streets near the interstate.

Representatives of The Broadway Group, which owns the chain, have said that the store would probably generate between $60,000 and $90,000 in property and sales tax for the village and provide two full-time and up to 10 part-time jobs. The store is expected to be operational by November.

Department of Public Works superintendent Doug Crane reported that the village underwent an inspection by the USDA. This was a routine inspection to evaluate the handicap accessibility of the village office, he said. The only significant recommendation was that the village should construct a parking area for persons with disabilities, he said.

Crane also noted that he has obtained all of the materials to install the new water main.

Some residents expressed concern that a resident who plans to construct wood pallets in the village may create a noise issue.


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