Calendar confusion is becoming chronic
February 16, 2017


This week we celebrated that day of love and chocolate known as Valentine's Day. At least that's what the calendar told us.

But, I couldn't help thinking Cupid's day was coming earlier this year since Valentine cards went on sale on January second. In fact, I saw them in stores shortly after Christmas.

It's all part of the trend that retailers, card shops, even sports teams have been encouraging over recent years. It's a "sooner-is-better" philosophy designed to get those of us out here in consumer-land to ignore the calendar and stock-up, spend-up and otherwise keep the money flowing.

And, from what I've seen, the movement is gaining speed.

Although we're only in mid-February, I've noticed St Patrick's Day decorations, Easter Cards and even Mother's Day gift suggestions already in many area stores.

No doubt, before April draws to a close, everything from store shelves to show windows will be filled with all things patriotic in preparation for July 4th.

Shortly after the fireworks go quiet and the bunting is packed away again, store shelves will be heaped with Halloween candy and grocery stores will begin planning their annual turkey sales.

Of course, there's one holiday that continues to be promoted from summer through December. It's Christmas. (The retail version, that is.)

Santa Claus makes guest appearances across the map for months before he begins to load his sleigh with toys.

I hear he appeared at a summer sale near Buffalo last July. In early November, the jolly gentleman will join the fun at Findley Lake's traditional "Christmas Through the Village." And week after week from then until Christmas, he'll show up in malls, fire halls and shopping centers.

Of course, Christmas cards will be available as early as June.

But the calendar is being distorted by more than just this ongoing holiday bewilderment. The world of sports adds its own brand of confusion.

I recall in years gone by, the seasons were clearly marked by one dominant sport.

Hockey's fast-paced excitement, basketball's cliff-hanging contests, baseball's fan-pleasing games....all had their own pages on the calendar. And when fall cooled the air, football was king.

These days each major sport runs into the next, overlapping baseball and football, hockey and basketball.

With all this calendar confusion, it is often hard to tell one month from the next.

Unfortunately, there's little chance the retailers and sports teams will allow things to revert to "the good old days" when the world was content to take one thing at a time.

In case I miss it, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you fellow Moseyers!


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